The Fed Policy and Mortgage Rates

The recent decision by the FMOC to continue buying bonds .. Continuing the ongoing QE3 policy of purchasing Mortgage Backed Securities … despite warnings to the contrary… indicates to me that we are about to have another run at low rates..
Obama and the Fed have determined that the only thing stimulating the economy is Real Estate appreciation.
They “can’t” stop QE3 because the house of cards will implode far too soon. During Obama’s term.
I suspect we will see another run.. another bubble… far greater than the previous one. They are going to continue printing money, continue stimulating the economy, run it on red until the wheels come off.
As long as the Dollar is still the World’s Reserve Currency.. they are going to maximize this opportunity.
Had the Fed actually followed thru with the taper of QE3 my sentiment would be different.
But now that the “fix is in” we should see a lot of activity moving forward.