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The Loan Process

Pre-Qualification – Call 1-800-383-7956 The first step to getting a Mortgage Loan is to get a “Pre-Approval” from a Lender. You can apply online using one of our convenient loan applications under the “Apply Now” button located on the home

What you don’t know can be held against you

Your mortgage, your car loan, your insurance premiums, where you live, who employs you–all of these life staples can depend on your credit score and the credit report on which it’s based. Lenders have long used credit scores and reports

What a Credit Score is

The three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) use the system to calculate a so-called FICO score based on the data they collect about you from banks and credit-card companies, such as payment histories and debt, and from public